The Value of a Life Description

Consider the two scenarios below:

  1. Imagine that you are standing some meters away from a target; you study the target a while, then you close your eyes and aim. 
  2. Conversely, imagine you are at the same spot, and you study the target; but this time you keep your eyes open and then you aim. 

Which of the two scenarios above do you think would give the better result?  I suspect that we would most likely agree that keeping our eyes open as we aim at our target would give the better outcome.

But if we were to compare this to our lives, how much of our lives do we sometimes live with our mental eyes closed?  Do we find ourselves in many instances just going through the motions or just being on autopilot?

I suspect that we have all been there, but at some point in life we can come to an awakening, a consciousness that we want to go beyond the surface, and look deeper into our lives.  For some this desire to look deeper could be as a result of a life changing event, for others it could be after reaching a milestone (even a point of accomplishment, and success); but not being quite sure what the next move should be.  Then the ‘What Next?’ question may come up.

As we walk the life of faith, we understand that our Life Description will be in the context of God’s leading; and we follow God who sees all that we cannot see. So we can approach this experience of self discovery with the assurance that our Creator will help to guide us through.

As you consider the question of ‘what next’ in your own life, we invite you to join us on the journey of developing your own Life Description, and experience the many ‘Aha’ moments as you go through the process.

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