The Case for Life Balance

In the Bible, two activities that we see people involved in were building altars for worship to God and drawing water from the wells to attend to the daily needs of the family.  For example in Genesis 26:25 we read:  “And he builded an altar there, and called upon the name of the LORD, and pitched his tent there: and there Isaac’s servants digged a well.’

So while we live on this earth, though we will have the desire to succeed and to achieve, it is wise to view all of our activities – including vocational – with a biblical focus and perspective and seek God’s guidance.   Since we are making several decisions daily, we can actively explore how our decisions and activities can lead to meaningful contributions.  In this context, having a Life Description to help us clarify how our multifaced activities relate to each other and achieving Life Balance go hand in hand. 

At different stages of our lives, the specific activities we engage in or even their significance would change.  For example, as persons go from a school environment to the less predictable work environment, persons are expected to adjust to the different requirements.      

Further along in life, some persons may then have the desire to explore other possibilities and opportunities; and what they can do differently.  So though some things may be working out reasonably okay, with time there could be a feeling of longing to explore other avenues – to adjust what we do.

Irrespective of which stage we may be at, as we transition from one phase of our lives to another, there are several questions each individual would need to explore and seek answers to. 

But amidst the plans to achieve in this world, there is a greater calling to answer.  As Christians, we are called to navigate through the changes according to God’s way. 

Ecclesiastes 12:1 advises young people to remember their Creator in the days of their youth.  So in seeking purpose, the place to start would be to prayerfully seek God for His guidance – to seek the answers in God’s Word; and to have a recognition when changes are needed.  God-directed decisions made at an early age can prevent many painful regrets later in life – and this also relates to decisions surrounding the activities we engage in.  Thankfully, God does provide aid, forgiveness and a new start to those who come to Him at any age. 

But at any stage or age of living, while in the ‘now reality’ we need to find the balance between making our present experiences enriching and planning for our next and future steps. 

I remember some years ago, I had to get some major work done on my car, and after the work was completed, I was told that the car needed to be aligned, to ensure that the car was working optimally again.

Similarly, could it be that when we go through life and face changes, after finding and applying fixes to our lives, could it be that we need to do re-alignment to ensure that we experience harmony in our lives?

Whatever might have happened in the past, now is always a good time to prayerfully identify the decisions that are in our control, and the changes that we can make for a more meaningful life.   

If you are at that point where you desire to experience positive changes and you would like to get some assistance in the life balance journey, then contact me to find out about the Life Balance and Creativity Kit, which also includes the Life Description Methodology.

I hope that you would be determined not to leave your self-discovery and development to chance, but that you would actively seek and find solutions to enhance your life.

Be Blessed

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