11. Abraham’s Example

Though at times we may be physically far from family and friends, technology allows us to stay connected.  Let us use the technological resources to uphold each other in Christ and encourage each other to continue in the faith of Christ.  Let us be positive influences to those around us. It is good to be a partContinue reading “11. Abraham’s Example”

10. Listening to God

As we see challenging things happening around us, we generally would do all we could to avoid any heartache.  Because of our limited spiritual vision, we are unable to prepare on our own for the spiritual storms that we will face.  But thankfully we are assured that God’s way is the best and He helpsContinue reading “10. Listening to God”

9. Believing What God Says

Many times we start out on a journey all excited about the prospects and the thought of the success that awaits us.  But along the path when we face disappointments, we may even question if we are on the right road.  During these time, the advice from positive friends can help us to continue alongContinue reading “9. Believing What God Says”

8. Receiving God’s Commendation

We all desire to be accepted. The selfless acceptance a child receives from a parent motivates the child to achieve.  Our acceptance of God’s leading is also important.  God is faithful to us and we are to be faithful to Him in return. Click on the link below to download the worksheet for this chapter:Continue reading “8. Receiving God’s Commendation”

7. Obedience to God

When we receive a gift from a friend we experience a warm feeling from knowing that we are remembered.  When we consult with God and put God first in everything we do, our life of obedience and service to God is a gift that He appreciates.  The reality that we – finite human beings – can actuallyContinue reading “7. Obedience to God”

5. The Importance of Faith

Success many times is the culmination of the work of several contributors.  In our Christian walk, we succeed because of God’s complete work in our lives.  God provides us with  knowledge and intellectual capacity, and then shows us how to use this knowledge through the Holy Spirit’s guidance. It is good to know that our successes are not due toContinue reading “5. The Importance of Faith”

4. Inspiration in Difficulty

The Bible stories are such a wonderful treasure of practical information for us to apply to our lives.  In a similar way that we learn from how persons in the Bible dealt with their challenges, God also shows us how we can share our experiences to encourage those around us. Click on the link belowContinue reading “4. Inspiration in Difficulty”

3. Difficulties That Could Arise in Our Relationships

  Goal oriented thinking people may desire to just focus on getting things done; but we know we have to navigate among feelings and emotions; and even the hurts that can cloud situations. At times we have to stop and address our hurt feelings and the hurt feelings of others before any type of meaningful and productiveContinue reading “3. Difficulties That Could Arise in Our Relationships”

2. Facing the Challenges of Life

God does not always reveal to us the times that we were spared from danger as we go about our daily activities.  It does not matter how much we are expected to achieve, we must never omit our communion with God from our daily activities.  God helps us to manage our time effectively and to respond correctly to every situation. Click onContinue reading “2. Facing the Challenges of Life”