16. Different Responses to Accusations

When things go wrong,  thankfully God is there to help us find the needed solutions.  Even in healthy interactions, problems can arise, and our approach and the approach of others to dealing with the issues can be a catalyst or an obstacle to solving the issues faced.  We also have the examples of persons in the Bible toContinue reading “16. Different Responses to Accusations”

15. From Guilt to Forgiveness

When a situation unfolds at a rapid pace, we may be asked to answer questions with little preparation.  During these times, our responses may be used to condemn or deliver us.  These occurrences remind us that we need God to help us in every situation. As God leads us and directs all that we sayContinue reading “15. From Guilt to Forgiveness”

13. The Need for Healing

It is amazing that God engages people to help people.  God works through persons who have experienced hurt to help hurting people; so though we have experienced bruises, God can use us to help bring comfort to others.  As we remember that we depend on God for healing and keep in mind our constant needContinue reading “13. The Need for Healing”

12. Sarah and Abraham’s Faith

While waiting on a desired outcome, let us do the work that God has identified for us to do today.  God provides us with opportunities to touch the lives of others each day.  It is comforting to know that everything will work out according to God’s timing.  Click on the link below to download theContinue reading “12. Sarah and Abraham’s Faith”

11. Abraham’s Example

Though at times we may be physically far from family and friends, technology allows us to stay connected.  Let us use the technological resources to uphold each other in Christ and encourage each other to continue in the faith of Christ.  Let us be positive influences to those around us. It is good to be a partContinue reading “11. Abraham’s Example”

10. Listening to God

As we see challenging things happening around us, we generally would do all we could to avoid any heartache.  Because of our limited spiritual vision, we are unable to prepare on our own for the spiritual storms that we will face.  But thankfully we are assured that God’s way is the best and He helpsContinue reading “10. Listening to God”

9. Believing What God Says

Many times we start out on a journey all excited about the prospects and the thought of the success that awaits us.  But along the path when we face disappointments, we may even question if we are on the right road.  During these time, the advice from positive friends can help us to continue alongContinue reading “9. Believing What God Says”