17. Workplace Interactions

Generally we can identify our hurts and pains and others can identify theirs; but can we relate to another’s hurts and pains? In production processes, companies typically try to achieve optimum results and reduce wastage.  This is done by considering and integrating all the inputs that are used in the production process.  Some companies even find ways to make useful byproducts. If we apply this thinking to our relationships, we would seek to understand each other’s perspectives; and to let this understanding influence what we say and do.  This approach would reduce the emotional fall out that can occur from strained … Continue reading 17. Workplace Interactions

16. Different Responses to Accusations

When things go wrong,  thankfully God is there to help us find the needed solutions.  Even in healthy interactions, problems can arise, and our approach and the approach of others to dealing with the issues can be a catalyst or an obstacle to solving the issues faced.  We also have the examples of persons in the Bible to help us know the best way to respond. We must always remember that God is the expert on all matters, so we need to go to God to get first hand and authentic information to help us in every situation. Click on the link below … Continue reading 16. Different Responses to Accusations

15. From Guilt to Forgiveness

When a situation unfolds at a rapid pace, we may be asked to answer questions with little preparation.  During these times, our responses may be used to condemn or deliver us.  These occurrences remind us that we need God to help us in every situation. As God leads us and directs all that we say and do, our memories will be a reminder that God, who has led us in the past, will continue to lead us in the present and in the future.  God alone can show us how to live a life of faith with no regrets. Click … Continue reading 15. From Guilt to Forgiveness

14. Paid in Full

A debtor is overjoyed to receive the final letter from the lending institution advising that the loan has been paid in full.  Having been freed from the penalty of sin, how do we live in our debt free state? We live a life of gratitude in honor of the One who resolved our debt problem and who freed us from the enemy’s demands.  As we internalize, absorb and live the fact that God has made us free – the things that weighed us down, we gladly give them all over to Him in prayer. Click on the link below to … Continue reading 14. Paid in Full